Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift emphasises the importance of both a scientific and shamanic perspective to healing, and considers neuroplasticity, epigenetics, placebo, quantum physics, and the fact that the body and our reality are made up of energy, free flowing or blocked. 

Kinetic Shift incorporates suggestion therapy, but is content-free; it is based on the premise that your own subconscious knows better than me, or your conscious thinking mind, what you need.

Kinetic Shift is about freeing up and letting go of all manifestations of an overactive fight-flight-freeze response (amygdala) and an overactive thinking mind (DMN).

It is a fun, active, intuitive, dynamic and energising approach to hypnotherapy that encourages mixing the most effective modern modalities to directly and rapidly resolve issues and problems.

Emotional Cleaning

We will ask your subconscious to first help you by releasing any negative images, feelings, thoughts, emotions or sensations that are stored in your body, not serving you, and let them go.

All our physical and perceptual reality is made up of a mysterious energy that is either free flowing or blocked.

This energy changes its behaviour depending on its environment (epigenetics), it alters reality depending on our beliefs (placebo), it demonstrates awareness and intelligence (quantum physics) and when blocked, causes psychosomatic health problems.

This approach of seeing, feeling, observing, understanding, and then releasing blocked energy has a profound positive impact, leaving people feeling cleaned of all their stress, very much in the present moment, and emotionally brand new.

Physical Healing

There is no mystery to the physical healing that takes place in a hypnotherapy session with me.

Any medical condition, or pain, that is a physical or emotional manifestation of stored internal stress, or made worse by unresolved stored stress, is a psychosomatic condition.

After the emotional cleaning, we ensure any remaining blocked energy is cleared out your system, and any remaining internal stress is completely released.

This amount of relief can have a profound positive impact on endless physical issues as the entire heavy backpack of stored stress is permanently lifted, allowing internal energy to flow freely.

Inner Guidance

We all know what it means to ‘follow our heart not our head’ or listen to our ‘gut instinct’ or ‘gut feeling’ when making a decision.

It is now known our heart sends more information to our brain than our brain sends to our heart, the gut is lined with more than 100 million nerve cells that communicate with the brain, and the body is actually composed of more bacteria than cells.

Our conscious thinking mind is scientifically no longer considered our most reliable decision-making tool. Your heart, gut and brain are part of one interconnected system which is regulated intelligently by your own subconscious.

Your subconscious also knows how to dream. It is the holder of your inner desires, goals, and passions; it knows what is holding you back, and connecting to it gives you freedom to alter course.


Self-love is the journey we are all on. We are learning to love ourselves, so we can love others, truly the way they are, with all our own strengths and flaws.

When we understand that everyone else out there is also pursuing self-love, and none of their drama is about us, and everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have right now, we can let go of the self-identity to the pain.

‘It was not my fault’. Self-love therapy is an important part of clinical treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol, for mental health, and to prevent suicide.

Most unresolved stress in each of us stems from that same feeling of, in some way, ‘I am not good enough the way that I am’.

Super You

What we call the physical self is not one organism but trillions of different living entities communicating between themselves, and with the environment beyond your own physical body.

The whole interconnected system is regulated intelligently by your own subconscious, which in turn is interacting with all other forms of consciousness around it.

Together the totality of our intelligence, which is conscious and unconscious and overlapping with consciousness outside our individual selves, is referred to in Psychology as the psyche.

We are more connected to our own subconscious and this psyche in our innocence. We spend the first six years of life in the hypnogogic state of delta and theta brainwave activity.

Many people remember dream-like ‘gifts’ they had when young: imaginary friends, lucid dreams, and other such phenomena. 

With the help of your own subconscious, we can return you to that dream-like world to be reminded just how incredible you are.

Parts Work

The innocent part of us that just wants to love, be loved, and express its own super abilities through imagination and creativity in psychology and clinical therapy is called the inner child.

Our inner child can be considered the central part of the self that needs love, or one of many subpersonalities operating behind the conscious thinking mind.

These subpersonalities can include our inner critic, sceptic, image consultant, risk manager, champion, shadow, and wounded child; others see parts therapy as working with many wounded children.

Achieving harmony and best alignment within is often seen as lifelong therapy, but when your own subconscious communicates directly with different aspects of itself, with the person in hypnosis (you), and with the hypnotherapist (via ideomotor responses, such as finger movements), the work is fast.


In the hypnogogic state between dream and awake, you can visit your inner child, feel the emotions of innocence, the joy for the present moment, and physically hold this younger you in your arms. Then you can put this child in your heart. 

You can visit, hold and speak to family or friends who have passed away. Laugh and joke with them. Resolve issues. Then take their messages, and their love, and put that in your heart.

Regression therapy includes age regression, which is when we go back in time to visit significant memories in our life, and past life regression, which is when we visit memories from previous lives.

Whether imagination or actual memory (see the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Jim Tucker), your own subconscious can help you explore past events to resolve specific issues, and to receive messages on the best choices for you moving forward.


Progression therapy is when your own subconscious takes you into the future; for example, to see yourself in the near future if you take the suggestions, messages and insights from your session, and agree to make them the new you.

You can explore choices you are unclear about and see potential outcomes. Your subconscious can show you what type of career, partner, project, hobbies, sports, course of study, or places to visit and live, most resonate with you within.

Future life progression can take you to spaceships, other worlds and even to experience alien life forms. Your own subconscious explains the important messages from this thrilling experience.

Progression therapy enables you to see with clarity who you are, where you are, and what you believe, so you leave your session with the self-confidence to move forward in best alignment with your passions and purpose on your own personal life journey.


50% of our time we are remembering the past and imagining the future. The problem is we have a strong tendency to focus on the negative (regretting the past and worrying about the future).

This increases stress. Studies show the accuracy of 50% of our memories is no better than chance. This means we also spend a lot of our time punishing ourselves for things that are not true.

When we stay focused on the present moment (meditate), the Default Mode Network (DMN) shuts down, and we no longer ruminate on negative, stressful thoughts. This stops us collecting and storing new stress, leaving us calm, relaxed and at peace.

When we are stress-free, the heart beats in a coherent rhythm, sending signals to the brain and nervous system that improve our ability to learn, make effective decisions, problem-solve, critically think, and self regulate our emotions.


The hypnogogic state can be explored through plant medicines like ayahuasca, and deep meditation (alone or with a hypnotist).

Meditation opens the door to the amazing world of self-hypnosis. Using different techniques, we can communicate with, learn from and even make changes to our inner world.

We can explore and learn in the world of lucid dreams and out of body experiences (OBEs), and we can learn to control our body temperature, our metabolism, our autonomic nervous system, our immune system, and fight off disease.

We can access those inner child abilities we lost, never used or never developed. We can reprogram our neural pathways to increase positive emotions, gain insights and guidance from within, follow our intuition, and see how the universe shapes with endless magical coincidences around us.  

We can even activate mysterious gamma wave activity associated with a heightened state of self-awareness, which is sometimes called liberation, or enlightenment.

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