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We’re not only affected by our past experiences, but also by current global events.

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What is freedom hypnosis?

Freedom hypnosis is a safe way to quickly clear out any current stress, boost physical and emotional health, heal wounds, resolve traumas, and get insights for your own ongoing journey.

Why do freedom hypnosis?

Everyone benefits from a deep de-stress and inner guidance. Freedom hypnosis enables your own inner self, your subconscious, to do the inner healing and give you the messages and guidance that you need.

How to do freedom hypnosis?

Freedom hypnosis can be done on Zoom and simply requires focusing on my voice and relaxing into a lightly psychedelic, perfectly safe, theta dream-like state called the hypnagogic state or hypnagogia.

About robito

I am a qualified online travelling hypnotherapist with a strong passion for deepening connection to our own subconscious, and a unique freedom-focused approach to hypnotherapy.

I am also a UK uni tutor of critical thinking, modern foreign languages teacher (English, German, Spanish), and full time meditator living in the present moment, and at peace.

I once suffered from suicidal ideation. So I went on a journey. I went down the rabbit holes. Now I am happy. I learnt how to connect to my subconscious, trust my intuition, free my self of my inner issues, and follow my highest purpose on my own life journey in these rapidly changing times.

My work supports you on your journey to experience the same.


Professional hypnosis sessions for everyone on donation so we can all get the healing and direction boost that we need from our own subconscious for our own life journey in these changing times.


Deliver the most modern, unique, effective, scientific-shamanic natural psychedelic healing approach to hypnotherapy that is relevant for people in the changing world today and completely freedom-focused.


Everyone connecting to our own subconscious so we can all live free from stress with peace, happiness, purpose and follow our own individual highest calling so we are each creating the best possible world for ourselves and others.

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Robito's interviews

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Freedom Hypnosis Presentation: the most powerful, overlooked, misunderstood healing modality?

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Join me on a journey to discover the amazing healing power of hypnosis – your subconscious – and free your self within.

The service that ...

Robito provides

My training and freedom-focused approach to hypnotherapy is for those who want to explore and get insights about your current life direction while softly seeing and quickly clearing out any internal disturbances, such as stress, fear, physical illness – including long Covid and vaccine injury symptoms – worry, anger, depression, confidence, motivation, clarity issues and more.

We can explore and resolve ...

"the changes in consciousness induced by drinking ayahuasca are comparable to other states of deep relaxation and increased subconscious awareness, such as the meditative, the hypnotic and the hypnagogic states which are all characterized by increased theta activity in the EEG"


I offer on donation hypnotherapy so that anyone who is ready can experience the amazing benefit of a freedom-focused hypnosis session – a subconscious clean up and inner direction.

EEG readings show that the human brain operates at different frequency levels, each associated with a different brain state.

The hypnagogic trance begins when the human brain moves from BETA (thinking) into ALPHA (relaxed focus) and then into THETA (dream-like state between sleep and awake) where we become increasingly connected to our own subconscious.

We can describe this state as ‘lightly psychedelic’ because, as we connect to our subconscious, the experience becomes visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis, and you are aware and conscious throughout the experience. Also called hypnagogia (the natural state we are in just before we sleep) or hypnopompia (just after we wake up), we re-enter this state regularly throughout the day.

We are in the hypnotic state every time we are so focused on TV, our phone, computer screens, reading, painting, dancing, driving, or ‘in the zone’ (e.g. when doing a sport or playing music) that we do not notice the passing of time or concern ourselves with any other events happening around us.

People feel very comfortable in a hypnosis session with me and it rarely does not work. Anyone can be hypnotised because anyone can focus and relax. However, some find it more difficult to trust, follow, surrender the thinking and just let go.

To benefit the most it is important to sink into feeling, imagination and emotions. Those who strongly analyse can find they go even deeper in a second session once they know what it is like and there is nothing to worry about.

Anyone open to the experience, willing to try it and give it a go will benefit, and can experience profound benefits, from my unique freedom hypnosis approach.

You have to be willing to go into hypnosis. If you do not want to be hypnotised, you won’t be. If you resist, it will not work. If you are analysing instructions rather than following them, it makes the process more difficult. If you don’t like it, you can ‘come back’ at any time. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work.

You cannot be ‘programmed’ in hypnosis to do or assimilate anything that goes against your own will, ethics and personal moral standards without manipulation, for example as used in consumer psychology, mass formation or to some extent stage hypnosis.

My session are all about freedom and 100% manipulation free. I explain everything I am going to do, why and what for. You have absolute and complete control.

The hypnotherapist is the guide, or mediator, trained to help people connect with their own subconscious for emotional and physical healing, insights and direction.

Language, suggestion and placebo are traditional tools used to help people overcome negative thought patterns and unwanted habits, but the shamanic power of freedom hypnosis is unlocked when we communicate with and invite your subconscious to do the change work for us.

I will relax you into the hypnagogic state for the emotional detox. We will invite your own subconscious to release any thoughts, feelings, emotions or sensations that are causing you unnecessary stress. This clear out will have a positive impact on your emotional and physical state.

Each individual experience is then unique: you may go back to forgotten memories, visit people and places from times past, go to the root cause of physical or emotional pain, heal by changing the flavour of past experiences, physically hold your younger self, and see potential future outcomes; but everyone receives guidance so that they can be in best alignment on their own personal life journey moving forward.

I ask for £120, £74 or £58, or gift any pre-agreed custom amount based on how much you can actually afford. I ask only that you donate from your heart. ❤️

Sessions are offered on a sliding scale for the purpose of making the amazing results of my hypnotherapy available to all. A session with me lasts 60-90 mins.

Contact me. We’ll find a time to do the session when you’re free to focus in a relaxed way for up to 90 mins. I will then send you a Zoom invitation.

Message me by WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or email. Explain where you are (your time zone), why you would like a session, and I will message you right back.

My clients say ...

I take them deep into their own subconscious for healing, emotional cleaning, insights and direction.

Thank you Robert for such an unforgettable experience. I feel much more relieved after my cleaning and I found out exactly how I do have to work on myself and in which direction. For all who are not sure to try it or not : you should be able to explain your problems / fears to Robert, that he could find a special ‘key’ for everyone. And be able to relax as much as you can. For sure would love to repeat it once again but in real. 😉.
Roman Zhulenko
I met robito during a trip in Porto. It was a time in which many fears had come back in my life. It was impossible for me to think of any other things than the fears that I had. We had the first session and, as soon as I finished, I felt light as I hadn't felt for a long time. And I felt the same feeling of serenity for longs weeks later. After some times we had one other session, online. During that one, I arrived to take contact of my shadow part. I take consciousness of that and I was able to use it as a power in my life, with my child and light part! An experience that I really recommend. Thanks so much Robito!
Margherita Piccioni
It was an amazing journey, Robert! Trying hypnosis was one of the best decisions i have ever done. Once trying it one will never regret. Things start changing immediately in least expected way. Thank you for everything!
Ievgeniia Nakonechna
I had a very powerful experience. I got clarity on behaviors I need to release (ice cream sandwiches + reading the paper in the morning), as well as confirmation that I'm on the right path. I highly recommend this work!
Brandon Peele
I decided to go to therapy, as an experience in feeling better and more relieved from inner stress, anxiety and physical pain. I felt better and just helped me a lot in my routine. Thanks Robito!
Robson Rodriguez
I wanna to say THANK YOU Robito! The way, how you did the hypnosis with me, supported my process of “let go”, my journey into the past, To find my origins, my intention, my creativity, happiness ... and my stomach ache is gone. 🙏🏻 Yeah! I get a deep understanding on an emotional level for things that have happened in my life and of my feelings were created from them. I was able to let go of a lot with Robito's help. Now I see more clearly the past with compassion for others. I wish you all the best and that many people will find themselves, their passions, inner peace and love with your help!
Anika Schmelter

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